House Trebbiano D’abruzzo, Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio Etc…

At Indieroots restaurant we take extra care in preparing dishes for you with the ingredients passed to us by generations. Our chefs, with more than 30 years of rich experience, prepare authentic dishes paying great attention to presentation. We guarantee that the mouth-watering aroma of our dishes will tingle your taste buds and give you a heavenly experience.

PInot GrIGIo, Col di Sotto Italy

Silky with pear, apple and notes of honey and almond.

Bottle: £ 15.95

CHenin BlanC, Veldt Range South Africa

Aromas of melon and lychees with soft tropical fruit.

Bottle: £ 14.95

Sémillon CHaRdonnay, Jacobite Ridge Australia

Smooth and rich but also fresh and delicious.

Bottle: £ 16.95

House TREBBiano D’aBRuZZo Arche, Italy

Super soft and ripe with lovely pear and apple aromas.

175 ML: £ 4.50

250 ML: £ 5.95

Bottle: £ 14.95

Sauvignon BlanC, las Condes Chile

Floral with elderflower notes and a touch of citrus fruit.

175 ML: £ 4.50

250 ML: £ 5.95

Bottle: £ 15.95



This wine and drinks list has been carefully composed to complement the authentic food served in our restaurant.


With our wine merchant’s experience and expertise we have exclusively designed a menu of new world wines which complement our flavorsome food. From lightest and driest to the fruity and full-bodied, we like to create a food and wine harmony for our discerning customers.


Please ask for recommendations from your server, we will be delighted to help.